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How Can AI Make Life Better Today?

How Can AI Make Life Better Today?

Let's talk about practical every day ways to use AI

We get a lot of questions about the applicability of Artificial Intelligence in everyday settings. Let’s talk about those in the context of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT4, the principal engine behind today’s work at Masterverse.

Here are some ways I use AI every day:

As a writing companion.
I write a great deal. Everything from e-mails to articles.
I frequently make mistakes: typos, incomplete thoughts, confusing acronyms…
I often write on fairly complex topics including technology, business and economics.

These all present great opportunities for me to engage my AI assistant in the Masterverse. Here are some recent screenshots of the kinds of writing companion assignments with which ChatGPT4 has been helping me.

As an improved search engine.
Everyone knows how to Google a question, but…
Oftentimes, the answers are either confusing, SPAMmy or incomplete.
AI is an excellent companion for improved answers to questions, from the technical to the mundane, or even funny.

Here are some questions I could have Googled, but the answers are just better and more complete with ChatGPT-4.

As a brainstorming tool.
I work on a lot of different projects, including this one.
Sometimes I need a way to expand thinking without getting lost down rabbit holes.
I really appreciate ChatGPT-4’s ability to think with me, quickly, responsively and on topic.

Here are some examples of brainstorming, or topic expansion, that I’ve needed help with in the past couple of weeks.

I even wrote a blog post about that last one…

Real World AI Example - Answering a Question for a Friend about Enlisting in the Military
Listen now (2 mins) | “I’m going to be advising an 18-year old and his mother, both dear family friends, on enlisting in the US military. I’d like you to propose a topical agenda, 30 minutes in length, to help cover the basics. I’m going to be specifically interested in helping this young man to understand the different services, their missions, compositions, pros and cons o…
Listen now

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