Who’s MasterVerse.AI?

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Alex Chompff (AC) is the Entrepreneur and Investor who created Evolution Accelerator, MasterVerse.AI Substack,and MasterVerse.AI Slack Community. 

AC believes in serving others. Those aren’t mere words. AC is funding the services above so others may learn AI through use and observation. Learn more here.  

To collaborate with AC and others curious about AI, join the MasterVerse.AI Slack Community using the link below:

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What’s the MasterVerse.AI?

  1. Monetizing AI (AIaaS)

  2. Sharing AI Q&A powered by GPT-4

  3. Watching AI News

  4. Merging Natural Intelligence (NI) + Artificial Intelligence (AI)

MasterVerse.AI is powered by Evolution Accelerator. It enables Natural Intelligence (NI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to collaborate. MasterVerse.AI is platform-agnostic; the current AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) options are: Substack and Slack.

Option 1: MasterVerse.AI Substack is a looking glass into NI working with AI Bots powered by GPT-4 within the MasterVerse.AI Slack Community.

Option 2: MasterVerse.AI Slack Community is a diverse group of NI (i.e., humans) working with a diverse group of Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots powered by GPT-4.

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Why Subscribe To MasterVerse.AI Substack?

What’s the value of subscribing to this Substack? You get to see and learn from the questions other NI asked AI bots powered by GPT-4. Why’s that significant?

GPT-4 is neither free nor un-throttled if accessed directly (see here and here). Thus to be answered by AI bots powered by GPT-4 costs money.

In addition to the cost of each answer by AI bots powered by GPT-4, there’s also the time, money, and energy costs of hosting and maintaining the services.

By subscribing to MasterVerse.AI Substack an immediate ROI is available even with a free subscription (a paid subscription is planned). What’s the ROI?

  1. You see the questions others are asking AI bots powered by GPT-4

    1. This gives valuable insight; other platforms may give access to GPT-4, but users usually only see their own questions, not others

  2. You see the answers AI bots powered by GPT-4 give in reply

    1. Yet again more valuable insight, as you see what others see, and what others are paying for; who’s paying? Currently, MasterVerse.AI.

Why Join the MasterVerse.AI Slack Community?

To request an invite to join the private MasterVerse.AI Slack Community and work with Alex, other NI, and AI bots powered by GPT-4.

What’s so special about the MasterVerse.AI Slack Community? It is NI-centric (i.e. human-centric) and AI powered (i.e. un-throttled access to GPT-4 for free, at present).

That’s right. Both the MasterVerse.AI Substack and MasterVerse.AI Slack Community provide access to paid answers from AI bots powered by GPT-4.

This alone provides immediate ROI to subscribing to MasterVerse.AI Substack and joining the MasterVerse.AI Slack Community.

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Key Details

Joining the MasterVerse.AI Slack Community NIs (i.e., humans) may ask AI bots powered by GPT-4 questions and get answers in real-time.

Plus, there’s the additional bonus of other NI (i.e. humans) actively doing the same thing. Thus you learn and master AI through use and observation.

This is fundamentally different than OpenAI’s option of paying for direct access to ChatGPT-4 and being left to learn AI relatively alone.

Alex’s vision is to serve others by not only giving access to AI tools and tech, but also a community of real humans (i.e. Natural Intelligence (NI)) to learn together.

Free Services

Subscribe to MasterVerse.AI Substack

  • Access to MasterVerse.AI new posts within the last month

Join the MasterVerse.AI Slack Community ($14/month/user; currently free): 

  • Access to AIaaS

  • Access to other community members (i.e. NI)

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Paid Services

MasterVerse.AI Substack

  • Access to MasterVerse.AI new and 250+ archived posts

AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS): 

  • Shared AIaaS in shared Channel - $14/month/user (free for now)

Join MasterVerse.AI Slack Community

  • Shared AIaaS in your Channel - $150/month/user

Buy via Stripe

  • Annual + AIaaS - $500/year/user

    • Access to MasterVerse.AI new and 200+ archived posts - $60 value

    • Access to AIaaS

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  • AIaaS Intro - $300/intro/user

    • 2 hours of AIaaS training (1 online training; 2 hours per training)

    • 1-month access to dedicated AIaaS

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  • AIaaS Bootcamp - $500/bootcamp/user

    • 4 hours of AIaaS training (2 online trainings; 2 hours per training)

    • 1-month access to dedicated AIaaS

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In Summary

  1. Subscribing to the MasterVerse.AI Substack lets you see both the questions humans (i.e., Natural Intelligence (NI)) asked and the answers Artificial Intelligence (AI) gave, plus watch AI News and Trends.

  2. Joining the MasterVerse.AI Slack Community lets you not only see the questions and answers others are asking the AI Bots powered by GPT-4, but also ask your own questions, and even chat, talk, and meet other humans (i.e. NI). To learn more about who’s already joined, please see the FAQs below

The free access to AI bots powered by GPT-4 that is currently being offered may be limited by capacity and funding; now may the best time to subscribe and join.

MasterVerse.AI is enabling NI + AI collaboration. After all, without Natural Intelligence (NI), Artificial Intelligence (AI) is less intelligent.

Some FAQs:


***** The information herein is neither professional advice nor a replacement for professional advice. Please consult a professional provider as needed. MasterVerse.AI is for informational purposes only and may include fact or fiction and provides no guarantee in any form. The reader assumes all risks for reading and is responsible for fact-checking anything and everything herein. *****

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Merging Natural Intelligence (NI) + Artificial Intelligence (AI). Monetizing AI (AIaaS). Providing access to AI. Sharing AI Q&A powered by GPT-4. Watching AI News.


Access to AI via AIaaS, AI Q&A, AI News, and merging Natural Intelligence (NI) + Artificial Intelligence (AI). To join the cause via Slack and Substack see About Us.
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