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MasterVerse.AI Vocabulary:

The following are core terms for understanding MasterVerse.AI content:

  1. AIaaS

    1. Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service

    2. A service powered by AI

  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    1. non-sentient, i.e., non-human

  3. Chain of Thought (CoT)

    1. an AI prompt to help AI better “reason” (i.e., process information step-by-step in a more methodical and accurate way)

      1. See:

        AI: A Guide for Thinking Humans
        Can Large Language Models Reason?
        What should we believe about the reasoning abilities of today’s large language models? As the headlines above illustrate, there’s a debate raging over whether these enormous pre-trained neural networks have achieved humanlike reasoning abilities, or whether their skills are in fact “a mirage…
        Read more
  4. Federated AI

    1. More than one AI working together

  5. Natural Intelligence (NI)

    1. sentient, i.e., human

  6. Prompt

    1. an input (i.e. may be audio, text, voice, video, etc.) that triggers an AI response

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